How I deal with a teething baby

Teething isn't fun for anyone especially the little one going through it. I am currently in the midst of my 2nd child going through the terrible teething stage. We so far have 2 teeth! My daughters teeth started to come¬†through at only 4 months old and came through thick and fast whereas my son seems... Continue Reading →

Catch up

So last week I didn't really get up to too much, we had a playdate with Freya's best friend Issy, they came round to our house and we did some baking and iced cakes. Always a messy job when two toddlers are involved. They bloody love playing together and its so nice to see them... Continue Reading →

Look what arrived today!

So I spied these boots earlier in the week and I just had to buy them for Freya. They are ideal for Autumn/Winter as are real leather so will stand up the the British weather and they will go with pretty much everything! Freya absolutely loves them, which is always a bonus when dressing a... Continue Reading →

What I’ve been up to

So Saturday late morning we dropped the kids off at Bens parents and they had them for a whole 24 hours!! 24 hours of child free time, it was amazing. Time to spend just as a couple. However, Ben had to go and do a job on Saturday so I came along with him as... Continue Reading →

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