What I’ve been up to

So Saturday late morning we dropped the kids off at Bens parents and they had them for a whole 24 hours!! 24 hours of child free time, it was amazing. Time to spend just as a couple. However, Ben had to go and do a job on Saturday so I came along with him as it was only a ‘quick one’. Luckily this time it was, just a couple of trims. Ben has a habit of saying “oh its just a quick job” which quite often turns into not such a quick job and me getting rather bored. There’s only so many times you can watch your husband shoe a horse before it getting quite boring.

After the trims we took a drove around to look at some houses, just from the outside to get an idea of where they were and what was around. We have been looking online at houses, not that we want to move right away but its always nice to look and see what is about. The conclusion was all of the houses were a bit far out from where we want to live so they are scratched off the list. Hey ho, its always fun looking.

We had planned to go out with friends for a meal in the evening but a dreaded sickness bug had hit their house so plans changed. Me and Ben decided to go into Worcester for an early dinner and drinks. We went to Bills, we had never been there before but will definitely be going back. We had a cocktail to start, mine was prosecco and elderflower with a frozen blackberry. It was delicious! The food was amazing, I had breaded haloumi sticks followed by a cheeseburger with skin on fries. It was delicious!! Of course we had a bottle of wine with dinner.

Sunday morning we had a lie in!! Woke at 8am which I never thought I would consider a lie in but after endless days of being woken at 5-5:30am 8am is definitely a lie in!! We had a bit of a lazy morning, I did some cleaning and Ben sorted out my bike and the new trailer for it so we can start taking the kids out and about. They both loved it despite what they look like in this photo 

We went round to bens parents for Sunday dinner and then had a nice early night!! Bliss

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