Catch up

So last week I didn’t really get up to too much, we had a playdate with Freya’s best friend Issy, they came round to our house and we did some baking and iced cakes. Always a messy job when two toddlers are involved. They bloody love playing together and its so nice to see them enjoying each others company, even better that Charlotte is my best friend. So it’s always nice when they come over.


We also went to Webbs (a local garden centre/hobbycraft/lakeland) which has a coffee shop and a little play area. Met up with Charlotte and Tor (a friend who is a nanny to a little girl about the same age as Freya) We had cake and coffee, the girls played and it was just nice to get out and about. Toby loves being out now, he’s taking in his surroundings a lot more these days which makes it more enjoyable to take him out and about.


Saturday the lovely in-laws had the kids for the day which was nice of them. But of course before me and Ben could do anything we had to go and do one “quick pair of fronts” standard when you are a farriers wife. We didn’t actually get up to much but it was lovely nevertheless. Sunday was a proper lazy day which is what you need every once in a while. Also, Toby is now sitting up confidently on his own!! Baby boy is growing up, soon he will be crawling.

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