How I deal with a teething baby

Teething isn’t fun for anyone especially the little one going through it. I am currently in the midst of my 2nd child going through the terrible teething stage. We so far have 2 teeth! My daughters teeth started to come through at only 4 months old and came through thick and fast whereas my son seems to be taking the longer approach to it.I found the following items make the teething journey a little bit more bearable!

  1. Teething granules. There are a few varieties on the market but we went for Nelsons Teetha Granules these are a homeopathic granules thats contain the active ingredient Chamomilla. Simply empty the contents into your child’s mouth and watch how it calms and relieves the symptoms of teething.
  2. Anbesol Liquid this is a little bottle of magic! I find this so much more effective that the gels that are available as you can put it directly on the gums and it stays put and works immediately. It contains an antiseptic and anaesthetic and works well for ulcers too. We always have a bottle in our bathroom cabinet and in the changing bag.
  3. Distraction! Its amazing what distracting a baby can do. Try not to focus on their grizzling/full on crying and distract, distract, distract!! Get toys out, pull funny faces, do anything to make them laugh, get out of the house. Do anything even if its just going for a walk around the block. The fresh air and different surroundings can do wonders for you and baby. It is never nice being cooped up with an unhappy little human.
  4. Teething toys. We have a wide variety of teething toys strewn around the house/changing bag/pushchair. Its always great to have something that baby can have a good old chew on rather that your fingers!
  5. Teething jewellery! I am yet to purchase any of this but I have my eye on a gorgeous set from Teddy & Millie. It saves your own jewellery being tugged and gnawed on and looks stylish at the same time.
  6. Amber teething jewellery. This is jewellery (necklace/bracelet/anklet) that the baby wears. I personally have the anklet on my little fella as thats what I prefer. The amber has natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.Make sure you buy one with Baltic Amber I bought mine from little acorns to mighty oaks.
  7. If your little one is at the age where they can gnaw on food, cucumber sticks (skin removed) are great as the coolness of them relieves their gums. Of course it goes without saying do keep an eye on them when they have them incase the gum off a big chunk.
  8. Calpol parents (in my opinion) should never be without a bottle of this in their house. For when times are really bad and the other options don’t seem to be hitting the spot I reach out for this bad boy. There are some days when everything else seems to fail and the only way I have got my little angels to go to sleep is to give them some Calpol.

So those are my go to items when teething flares up with my little ones. I also have a stack of dribble bibs to hand as their mouths seems to turn into a dripping tap when teeth are on the move!! And just remember, on those really bad days each tooth that comes through is a tooth closer to teething coming to an end. Oh and always have wine in the fridge and chocolate in the cupboard for when they have gone to bed, you deserve it!

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