Todhpurs – Little boots for little people

  If you follow me on Instagram you will have more than likely seen posts that include these amazing little boots. Freya practically lives in them, even when we aren't riding or at the yard she still loves to wear them. Which is fine by me because I love them too. So let me tell you a... Continue Reading →

Autumn Lust List For Toby

So as I have made an Autumn lust list for Freya I thought it was only fair that I did one for Toby too. I find it so much easier to buy for Freya than I do for Toby, whether thats because she's a girl or that there is more options out there for girls than boys... Continue Reading →

Autumn Lust List For Freya

Although its still only August and I know I shouldn't be wishing the "summer" away I have seen a few pieces creeping into shops that would be perfect for Freya's Autumn wardrobe. I have put together a little lust list of bits that I would love to get her. (I may have already purchased a... Continue Reading →

What Makes A “Good Hunter”?

What makes a good hunter? That is a very good question and one that is asked fairly often within the hunting community. Is it a certain age/breed/amount of experience? The ability to cross any country? To be brave with a good brain? To have the stamina to go all day? Brakes and steering? (always handy)... Continue Reading →

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