Kaye Hannabuss Textiles – stylish co-ordination

If you have followed my blog for a bit you know that I love a bit of twinning when it comes to outfits. However, if this isn't your style but you would love to try a bit of outfit co-ordination then Kaye Hannabuss Textiles has you covered. She makes beautiful bespoke items to make coordinating... Continue Reading →

Being a farriers wife

So I thought it was about time that I wrote a post about being a farriers wife, what it's really like, the good and the bad. Some people have the perception that it's quite glamorous, god knows why?! One of the first things that a lot people say when I say my husband is a... Continue Reading →

Twinning is winning – father/son

My previous mother/daughter twinning is winning post went down really well, and as promised over on my Instagram page here is a father/son twinning is winning post. I really enjoy putting these outfits together so look out for more in the future. Links to where you can purchase all of the items as always are listed below. Fathers... Continue Reading →

The hunting tag

I love reading and writing tag blog posts and with the new hunt season beginning I was looking for a tag post about hunting but I couldn't find one :o( So I decided to write one of my own to complete and hopefully a few of you will want to join in with me too!... Continue Reading →

Twinning is winning

I know for some people twinning is definitely not winning but personally I love it! I also love the fact that I have my own little mini me who loves to dress like me so I have put together what I think is a gorgeous mother/daughter winning combination. As always links to each item can... Continue Reading →

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