The hunting tag

I love reading and writing tag blog posts and with the new hunt season beginning I was looking for a tag post about hunting but I couldn’t find one :o( So I decided to write one of my own to complete and hopefully a few of you will want to join in with me too! So here goes, my very own tag post “the hunting tag”

1. Who is your local pack of hounds?

My nearest kennels is the Worcestershire hunt, however people who live near me are split as to whether they hunt with the Worcestershire hunt or Croome & West Warwickshire hunt. I am actually yet to hunt with either of them, hopefully this will change this season.

2. When did you start hunting?

I did the odd day when I was a teenager, mainly boxing day (Yes I know, the annoying person that only goes to the boxing day meet) but it was because a lot of the people from our village used to hack there so I joined them and we didn’t have transport back then. I started hunting properly when I was 23 and landed a fabulous job with hunters in Belvoir country.

3. What is your favourite concoction to put in your hip flask?

Hmmm, this is a tough one for me. I do love a good bit of jumping juice. I think my top two have to be damson gin or raspberry gin. (Homemade of course!)

4. Rails, hedges, walls or ditches? Which is your favourite to jump?

It has got to be a toss up between hedges or rails – depending on what horse i’m on. 

5. How many different packs have you hunted with?

I have been lucky enough to have hunted with 5 packs. Belvoir, Barlow, Blankney, Albrighton Woodland and the Readyfield Bloodhounds…so far.

6. Favourite hunting memory?

I always used to love closing meet with the Belvoir. The meet is at the castle and it’s  a stunning setting. It is always a fantastic turnout (mounted and on foot), such a fabulous way to end the season. One of my favourite memories is from the the season I got a bad kick to my knee in the February and had stopped riding altogether, but I just had to make it to closing meet. I rode our old hunter and I’m so glad I did as this was his final closing meet before we retired him. I said that I definitely wasn’t going to jump as I had my knee op booked for two days after, I definitely did jump! I blame Joss Williams and his hip flask! 

7. Bloodhounds or Foxhounds?

Although going with the bloodhounds is fast as furious (in my experience) you can’t  beat the sound of a pack of foxhounds.

8. Favourite thing to eat at the meet?

Its got to be a good homemade sausage roll. I don’t even care if the flakey pastry gets everywhere, they are delicious!

9. Navy or black jacket?

I have a navy jacket. Personally I think woman look really nice in navy.

10. Patey or skull cap?

I do have a Patey hat and I used to wear it religiously pre children however I think now I would opt for my skull cap.

11. Favourite thing about hunting?

Getting to ride over country you wouldn’t usually get to and hearing/watching the hounds work.

12. Favourite hound name?

Package, there was a hound called Package at the Belvoir who always made a beeline for the sausage rolls. Naughty hound.

13. Best hunt ball you’ve been to?

Hands down its got to be the Blankney. I’ve been to their ball several times and it never disappoints. One year they had a carousel and a bucking bronco! Plus a champagne cocktail bar, the food is always great too.

14. What is your pet peeve out hunting?

Riders and horses not being correctly turned out.

15. Favourite horn call?

Gone away.

16. Most memorable tumble out hunting?

My most memorable has to be when I got chucked off not long after leaving the meet one day and as my horse buggered off it kicked me on the knee!! That was the end of my hunting season that year (well nearly, I had to go to closing meet!), she destroyed my ACL and I had to have surgery to repair it. 

17. What pack would you love to have a day with?

I don’t know many of the packs in Ireland but I would love to go away for the weekend to Ireland and go hunting! Love watching the videos on YouTube, it looks like great fun.

So there you have it, the “hunting tag”. I hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about me and my days/opinions on hunting. I would love hear yours too, so if you fancied getting involved please let me know so I can have a nosey.


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