A day in photos

So I thought I would share with you a typical Wednesday in photos with you. It’s not very exciting but hey, this is normal life. Hope you enjoy!


So my alarm goes off at 7am just incase by some miracle the kids are sleeping until this long. Time to get the kids up, dressed, breakfast fed and packed up ready for preschool/nursery.


8am, Freya has been dropped off at preschool and now I am just about to drop Toby off at nursery. I’m lucky they both are in child care within the village, it makes my life a lot easier. Then I head to the yard (which is also in the village) to chuck out and muck out Conker.


9am, I’ve now been at work for half an hour and in full swing of mucking out. I’ve recently started work at the yard where we keep Conker. The yard is a mixture of full liveries and hunters, I am absolutely loving being back in the world of work even if it is just 2 mornings a week. I forgot how much I missed it, although its going to take a few weeks to build my muscles up again!


10.30am (ish) and the yard is finished with the mucking out, turning out and I have nearly finished sweeping. Time to get all the hay nets filled ready for later.


11am, catching Shadow having a bit of quiet time. Its busy work entering the hound pup and everyone knows lurchers love to sleep.


12pm, getting the empty stables bedded down for the night early as I leave at lunchtime to pick the kids up so it makes afternoon yards a lot easier for them if this is done with an extra pair of hands, especially on hunting days.


1pm, quick brush off, hot cloth and rug up of one of the returning hunters this morning before I dash off to pick the kids up.


2pm, both children picked up from nursery/preschool now and Toby is upstairs having a nap whilst Freya plays. I’m so lucky he wants to have a good nap in the day and still (touch wood) sleeps well at night.


3pm, Toby is still napping and Freya has moved onto watching Trolls for (what seems) the 10th time this week. It keeps her quiet and happy and I’m enjoying the peace.


4pm, the peace is shattered as Toby is now awake and grumpy!! We all have a cuddle on the sofa before heading down to the yard to sort Conker out before dinner.


5pm, dinner time!! This at the moment is a huge hit or miss with a teething toddler. He is sometimes so independent about feeding himself which is sooooo frustrating to watch as most of the food end up down him or on the floor. Luckily cottage pie was a big hit, thank god! And he let me feed it to him so minimal mess!!


6pm, dinner time is done and Toby is going mad on the bean bag and Freya is standing ridiculously close to the television! Time to try to get them to tidy up the mountain of toys that are just out of shot of this picture.


7pm, milk time swiftly followed by bedtime. The kids are both usually absolutely shattered by this time especially if they have been to nursery/preschool so bedtime is  generally pretty straightforward these days.

So that is a typical Wednesday for me at the moment. There are no more photos after 7pm as it’s just me slobbed out in front of the TV and no one needs to see that. Let me know if you enjoyed it and would like to see anymore of these sort of blog posts, maybe a weekend day?

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