Shopping inspiration – your faithful steed

Continuing on with the “shopping inspiration” series I’ve put together some shopping inspiration for the special horse/s in your life. Something a bit different from the bag of carrots, not that there is anything wrong with that at all.

So first up how about a nice new leather headcollar with engraved nameplate. There are various ones on the market but I particularly like the Amigo padded leather head collar from Horseware. I think its lovely having a special headcollar for travelling your horse in and they will look super smart too. Conker (our Shetland pony) will be having one this year, he definitely deserves it for how good he is turning out to be with Freya and Toby.

With the weather turning a lot of people’s horses are stabled for more hours so what about buying them something that will make their time inside a bit more pleasurable with some “treats”. Likit have a great range of boredom relievers from the standard lick holders to their Snack-a-Ball that encourages natural grazing behaviour. You are sure to find something that your horse will enjoy from this company.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 21.46.56

Who doesn’t love a nice hot shower? Your horse could enjoy one too if you fancied treating them this Christmas. I’ve worked at a couple of yards where they’ve had the luxury of a hot shower and I have absolutely loved them. It makes the task of bathing horses in cold weather a lot more pleasurable for you and your horse, your hands will not turn into ice blocks and you won’t feel like your fingers will snap off!! There are several versions available on the market and best of all a lot of them do not need electricity to run. Just mains water and a gas bottle is all you need. The one pictured below is available from Clippersharp.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 14.35.18

If like me, you like your horse to be matchy matchy then a set of travel boots and matching travel rug could be a great choice for your horses christmas present this year. Just imagine how smart your horse will look heading off to shows in the new year. I’ve always been a fan of Premier Equine and they have a fab range of boots and matching rugs available in a variety of colours.

Next up on the shopping inspiration list is a new grooming kit. Is it just me or is there something really lovely about using a new grooming kit for the first time. A company I have loved for a long time for grooming equipment is Smart Grooming, I  have bought a number of products from them and have never been disappointed in them. I was browsing their website and I was instantly drawn to the Borstiq grooming kit, it looks absolutely stunning and I can imagine it provides great results too.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 22.30.29

If you’re after something that you and your horse can enjoy together how about booking a lesson with a professional rider to help you kick-start working towards your horse related new year goals that we all set. Whether that be a lesson with an event rider to become more confident over cross-country fences or booking onto a showing clinic to tune up your show ring skills and pick up some hints and tips from the best in the business.

If lessons or clinics aren’t floating your boat but you want to get out and learn on your horse how about booking on to an adult camp. Bring back memories from your pony club days but add wine and lots of giggles, win win! Great fun, make new friends and progress with your horse. It is sure to be something you and your horse will both enjoy and hopefully benefit from. There are many centres around the UK that run adult camps, get on to google to find your nearest one. If you live in Worcestershire I can recommend the one run by Lincomb Equestrian.

And finally if lessons, clinics and camps are not your thing how about booking a holiday for you AND your horse. There are so many beautiful places around the UK where you can have a break away with your faithful steed, so saddle up and explore a different area of the country from the best view ever – between the ears of your horse. Check out Equestrian Escapes for the perfect break with your horse, whether it’s galloping across the beach or beautiful bridle paths they will have you covered.

I hope this post has giving you some shopping inspiration for your horse/s or even if you have a horsey person in your life and your stuck of what to buy them I’m sure any of the above would be gratefully received!



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