Shopping inspiration – the boys

With Christmas fast approaching here is another shopping inspiration post and this time it’s one for the boys. I feel boys can be really tricky to buy for but I think I have come up with a good selection of toys for the boys. A lot of these are basically what I will be buying/have bought for my little boy or suggesting to people for Christmas presents. Toby will be 2 in February but I have tried to think of presents that will last a good while and ones that will hopefully get played with a lot. As always items are listed below (working clockwise from the top left).



Let’s play diggers – magnetic book

town and country road mat


balance bike

That’s not my tractor

That’s not my dinosaur

Duplo tractor

wooden tool kit

stacking cubes

magnetic fishing puzzle

latches board

wooden vehicles

As you can see I am a huge fan of wooden toys. I just think they look so much nicer and last a lot longer than the plastic ones. Other ideas are a farm play set or a kitchen, which obviously opens up all the accessories that can be bought to go along with these for present ideas. We already have both of these in our house and both my son and daughter love playing with them. If your boys are a bit old for Duplo Lego is also a big hit, I have 3 brothers and there was at least one new set of Lego each Christmas. (Not that Lego is just for boys, I had Lego too and I think its fab).

If you are after some other present ideas I think these always go down well:

I hope that this blog post has given you a little bit of inspiration for the little fella/s in your life. Let me know which are your favourite items. Also look out for a girls shopping inspiration post coming very soon.

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