Shopping inspiration – the girls

I’m back with another blog from the shopping inspiration series and this time it’s for the girls. I love looking for presents for Freya as it brings me right back to when I was a little girl and I would have all the Christmas catalogues from various shops and circle the bits I loved (my poor parents). Freya will be 4 just 4 days after Christmas (I know we didn’t plan that well) so a lot of these are Christmas and birthday bits that I will be/have bought for her or suggesting to family to buy for her. As always items listed below (going clockwise from top left).


wooden fishing game

finger paint book

maileg mouse twins


pink bike – scooter or tricycle are also good options

wooden tea set


Playmobil vet

unicorn balancing game

pretend makeup

pull along storage

As mentioned in my previous shopping inspiration blog for the boys we already have a wooden farm set and kitchen which opens up all the accessories that can be bought to compliment these gifts. Another great thing to buy that Freya gets a lot of use out of is her teepee, she was bought one last Christmas and she absolutely loves it.

A few additional present ideas:

  • pants/socks
  • slippers
  • dressing gown
  • pyjamas
  • chocolates
  • Hair bows
  • fairy lights
  • mini craft kits
  • grow it yourself kit
  • chalks/crayons/paints (if you are brave enough to have them in the house)
  • playdoh
  • puzzles
  • bath bombs
  • dressing up stuff
  • lip balms
  • nail varnish
  • hatch it yourself unicorn
  • bag/purse – Freya LOVES all of her various bags!!

As always I hope this blog post has given you a bit of shopping inspiration for your little lady this Christmas. Let me know your favourite bits and send any gift ideas you have my way, I’m always after lots of suggestions having Freya’s birthday and Christmas in the same week!

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