Horse shopping – where to look and what to ask?

Horse shopping is an exciting experience but can also be a little overwhelming. So where do you start? I've put together the places I head to when looking for a horse and the questions I like to ask when I've narrowed it down to the ones I potentially want to view. There are lots of... Continue Reading →

How to entertain children outside

I don't know about your little ones but my two much prefer being outside than inside and the fresh air certainly tires them out which is always a good thing. One of the best things about being outdoors with the kids is that your house doesn't get messed up. It's so lovely to come home... Continue Reading →

New year, new horse?!

Happy new year!! Sorry I've been quiet for the past few weeks Christmas and New was lovely. We spent lots of time with family and friends and Freya turned 4!! However I'm back now with exciting news (you may have already seen if you follow me on Instagram). I have been without my own horse... Continue Reading →

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