New horse nerves!

So as you know I’m in the process of looking for a new horse! Very exciting times but also actually me making me a bit nervous. Why the nerves?! I have wanted a new horse for such a long time but due to having my two lovely children it really hasn’t been possible until now. So I think I have been building up an image in my mind of what horse I would ideally want and of course I would reallylike my new horse to fit this image as close as possible. There is another thing though, my new horse has some pretty big hooves to follow. I have been so lucky in the past that horses we have had have been with us for a very long time. They have all worked out so well so I’m not used to the whole buying horses regularly thing. My last pony Lucky I actually acquired by accident and ended up having him for 11 years before sadly I had to have him put to sleep a couple of years ago, and then there is Ricky (you will know if you follow me on Instagram) my complete horse of a lifetime. He is just a complete dude and although not the easiest horse to ride I just absolutely adore the bones of him. I started exercising Ricky for his previous owner when I was 15 years old (I am now 34!) and we then managed to buy him when I was 22 and he is still living out his days with my mum up in Lincolnshire at the grand old age of 30! Although his pace of life is a bit slower these days, he has well and truly earned it.

So yeah, new horse nerves. Does anyone else get them?! How do you deal with them? I suppose I’m just going to have to kick on, remember how to ride properly and see what happens. I mentioned on Instagram a few weeks back that I have found a horse that I will be taking on trial at the beginning of May. He has been out of work for 6 months and is now being brought back into work so once we get back from our holiday he will be up and running and I have him for a month to see whether we get on! He is called Patrick and he’s a 15.1hh Connemara who is 7 years old and done a bit of everything. He actually has the nickname PP (perfect Patrick) and he is loved by everyone at the yard. I have already fallen in love with him a quite a bit and I have only ridden him a handful of times. I just hope my riding doesn’t let him down, I better get some lessons booked in sharpish as I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a lesson. I am prepared for a serious ass kicking!


So yeah, watch this space! I’m thinking of vlogging my journey of me and Patrick so look out for that if you want to follow us, but of course I will be writing about it too.

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