I have seen a couple of social media challenges recently on Instagram that I have really liked the look of, particularly by Sophie Callahan. If you don’t already follow her you really should. I thought it would be fun to make up a challenge relating to horses and horse ownership.

If you don’t know what a social media challenge is don’t worry it is really easy to follow. You basically post a photo that fits the prompt for that day, easy! Get as creative as you like, think outside the box if you want to or stay simple. There really are no strict rules to follow as long as it relates to the prompt.

Social media challenges are also a great way to connect with like minded people on social media, which is always a good thing I think. The way it will get us all connecting is by using the all important hashtag # It is really important to use #TheHorseRidersChallenge on each post so that other people can see what you are posting and can interact with you. You can also search the hashtag and now follow it on Instagram so it makes it really easy to find and follow other people who are doing the challenge too.

I’m going to start this challenge on 1st May but I’m posting this blog now telling you all about it so you have a bit of time to think about what you would like to post for each day. It makes it a bit easier to keep on top of if you can prepare a little bit.

So here is the list of prompts for the challenge.

1. Repost this challenge and tag anyone you would like to join in
2. Introduce yourself and your horse/s
3. A rider that inspires you
4. Tack
5. Riding outfit of the day
6. Latest horse related purchase
7. Favourite horse related quote/saying
8. Time-lapse
9. Before and after
10. Turnout
11. Transport
12. Riding besties
13. Top tips
14. Between the ears
15. A picture of your hands (glamorous or not)
16. Black and white
17. Jump
18. Grooming kit
19. Favourite thing to do outside of horses
20. Feet
21. Support team
22. Favourite horse memory
23. Favourite horse event
24. Throwback
25. Farrier shoutout
26. Least favourite horsey job
27. You’re other 4 legged friends
28. Breakfast
29. Horse selfie
30. Give someone your loving a shoutout
31. Win of the month

I’ve also put the list of prompts into a pretty picture so it is easy for you to repost onto your chosen social media platform/s. Don’t forget the hashtag #TheHorseRidersChallenge, check out who else is joining and give them the likes and comments (if you so wish) as that is what social media is all about, being social. I’m really looking forward to seeing who joins in and how you interpret the prompts.




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