Horse situation update

So, a while ago you may have seen me post about being on the look out for a horse and then having Patrick on trial for a month. Well if you follow me on Instagram you would of seen that it unfortunately didn’t work out with him. I love him but just not enough to be my horse, I don’t have the time to commit that I would need to him and I have to think of my children before a horse. I have realised that I need a horse that I can pick up and put down without if affecting the way the horse goes. Patrick being Patrick is not this sort of horse, he is a clever little chap and he needs consistent work to get the best out of him. He’s a horse that thrives on work and needs/deserves a job as he is a talented little chap. So although I have decided against buy him I do still get to see his progress as he is at the yard where Conker and Timmy are.

Anywho, back to my horse search. After a lot of talking with my husband I have decided to put it on hold until April. Realistically this is when I will have a lot more time to commit to having one of my own. Freya will be at “big school” and Toby will be at pre-school three mornings a week, freeing up a lot of time for horsey time! Also, I have been thinking about the type of horse I want. I always thought I wanted a through and through hunter but realistically I am not actually going to be able to go hunting like I used to pre children, every week twice a week (those were the days!) So I am now thinking I am going to look for a more riding club type horse, something that knows the ropes, been there and done it a bit with a sensible head on it’s shoulders that I can go out riding leading Freya on Timmy.


I’m still able to get my horsey fix as Freya is now finished pre-school and has 6 weeks off so we are starting to get to grips with her riding Timmy. She is now holding the reins properly and has started to steer and stop him all by herself. We just need to crack rising trot and she will be well away. We’ve hopefully got a couple of shows planned for August and she already wants to go out hunting this season and I’ve been told that Timmy is an absolute diamond out hunting so we are both looking forward to that.

The hunters are starting to come back into work at the yard too so hopefully I will be able to get back in the saddle more regularly again. I actually can’t remember the last time I went riding. I had a bit of a confidence knock after what happened with Patrick, doubting my riding abilities etc, however I am past all that now and looking forward to getting back out there!!

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