Equestrian Bucket List

I think every person who is into horses has a bucket list of horsey things they want to do, me included. So I thought I would share with you lot my bucket list. I have been around horses for the majority of my life and worked in a variety of different yards so I have accomplished quite a few things that are on many peoples bucket lists such as riding a racehorse on the gallops under the eye of a trainer, helped deliver a foal, visit the Household Cavalry, go hunting and broken in a horse however there are still things I want to have a go at…

  1. Go riding on the beach and splash in the waves
  2. Buy a horse for myself
  3. Attend a HOYS evening performance
  4. Go hunting in Ireland
  5. Have a photoshoot with my horse
  6. Have a side saddle lesson
  7. Go team chasing
  8. Go on a horse holiday either a horse safari or ranch holiday
  9. Compete in a one day event
  10. Go hunting with my children

I would love to know what is on your equestrian bucket list to if there is anything I would like to add to mine.


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