So how do Father Christmas’s reindeer fly?

It’s a question that is asked by children all over the world every year as Christmas Eve approaches, but how do the reindeer that pull Father Christmas’s sleigh fly?! Some say that they are fed magic food that gives them flying abilities, some say that it’s the spirit of Christmas that does it and some say they have magic shoes that are sprinkled with magic! (I think it’s a combination of all of the above.)


But just like horses, reindeer can lose shoes, which makes flying and pulling the sleigh a little tricky. However, if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you will have seen some magic reindeer shoes pop up. My husband has been very busy in his forge hand making spare reindeer shoes that children can leave out on Christmas Eve for Father Christmas to take just incase one of his trusty team throws a shoe whilst out on the job.

It has been known that if your house has an elf visit you during December that some elves bring one of these special shoes from the north pole for the children he is watching over during the run up to Christmas. If Father Christmas does take the shoe you leave out you might just get a special present from the reindeer to say thank you for helping them complete their most important job of the year!


So I have been busy wrapping and posting off these magic shoes all over the country and even over seas so that children all over the globe can do their bit and ensure that Father Christmas and his team make it safely around the world on Christmas Eve delivering presents to all the good girls and boys ready for Christmas day.

If you would like to order one for your family do get in touch.


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