Ginger & Jardine – comfortable, sustainable and stylish

I was recently contacted by the Lynne, the owner/creator of Ginger & Jardine to see whether I would be interested in reviewing one of their products. As I love discovering and supporting new businesses I jumped at the chance, especially after having a browse at their range and instantly loving the Breton stripe roll neck, which is the item that I chose to review. The roll neck also comes in a range of other prints, I already have my eye on the cream with blue/green/brown check which I think would work perfectly under a tweed jacket with coloured stock for competing or Autumn hunting.

I always appreciate lovely packaging

The first thing I noticed when the roll neck arrived was how wondefully soft the material is. I havent yet mentioned that all of Ginger & Jardine pieces are made from Bamboo. I didnt realise until reading their website how fantastic Bamboo is as material with so many benefits to the wearer and to the planet, win win! As described on the Ginger & Jardine website bamboo feels like a combination of cotton and silk, but also has the benefit of being able to be machine washed. A huge plus when you are a busy person and handwashing items just seems like an extra task that always goes to the bottom of the pile. Since recieving the roll neck I have washed it a couple of times on a 40 degree wash and I have found it to wash extremely well keeping both its shape and colour.

I couldn’t get a serious picture with this fluff ball about

Since receiving the Breton stripe roll neck I have already worn it a few times, I find it a very versitile piece working well casual outfits as well as a riding outfits. So far I have worn it with skinny jeans, gilet and loafers, a dunagree style dress, tights and boots and also with my breeches for riding which I thought particularly stylish if I do say so myself. It is the perfect thickness to layer up on chillier days but also lovely for warmer days and with the bamboo properties helping to regulate you body temperature you can’t go wrong.

I can’t finish this review of the roll neck without mentioning how comfortable it is to wear. It honestly is one of the softest pieces of clothing I have in my wardrobe and I highly recommend you try it out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. With Ginger & Jardine being a new brand be on the look out for new pieces being brought out, I know they have polo shirts and long sleeved tops being released very soon which I am excited about seeing.

I caught up with Lynne to find out a bit about the story of Ginger and Jardine and she was kind enough to answer some of my questions.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I am married with two teenager “children”.  I have roots in the Country and was brought up on a mixed arable and livestock farm in Suffolk close to where I still live.  My family still farm there and I return once a week to do the books and admin.  I studied Rural Land Management at The Royal Agricultural College (now University) and went on to qualify as a Rural Practice Chartered Surveyor.  I stumbled into the world of Telecommunications and worked in that industry as a project manager for over 10 years before moving more into freelance consultancy work so that I could spend less time travelling and get a better work/life balance.  I don’t have much time for my own hobbies now but I get my enjoyment out of seeing my daughter, Emma ride and compete on her beloved pony Dallas and my son, Peter playing tennis, cricket and football.  I do snatch the odd game of tennis here and there if I can and occasionally ride if I am feeling brave.

How did Ginger & Jardine come about? 

I have always wanted to have my own business and actually create something rather than making a living from email trails and endless meetings.  It really started with a need for a roll neck which wasn’t wool – as much as I love the look of wool although I wouldn’t say I am particularly sensitive I can’t abide it directly against my skin – even the finest wool.  My daughter had a nice “hand me down” roll neck with a check print which was nice but it wasn’t very well made (overseas) and not that warm either.  That got me thinking that I could do something much better.  In hindsight that was rather naive!  I don’t think – actually I definitely didn’t realise what was involved in the whole process and the huge quantities involved.  I am still on that steep learning curve for sure.

How would you describe the Ginger & Jardine Style in 3 words?



Stylish – in a country sort of way (sorry that’s more than 3!)

 Do you have a favourite piece from your collection at the moment? 

For me without a doubt it is the cosy polo neck jumper (or roll neck as I am supposed to say) with the blue/green check. My Dad has always worn work shirts with a tattersall style check and I wanted to re-create that style but yet make it warm cosy and easy to wear and wash.  In my opinion it is a bit too  “busy” to be worn alone but it looks great under a gillet or a jumper where the collar is on show.   It is thicker and warmer than your average polo neck – with a good length to cover up certain areas!

What are the most exciting things about Ginger & Jardine at the moment? 

It is very new so it is all quite exciting (along with daunting and demoralising) – as far as I can see there aren’t many country brands out there that are really focussing on sustainability and comfort.  I also think it is quite exciting that we are manufacturing in Great Britain – using small family businesses that have been going for generations.

Can you tell us what’s in store for Ginger & Jardine in the next year?

We are planning to introduce more to the range very soon including polo shirts and T shirts with equestrian wear coming along after that.  We are sponsoring Kate Honey Eventing and hope to increase our band of ambassadors from all walks of life who have a genuine love of what we are creating.

I hope that this review and chat with Lynne has been helpful and interesting, I was not paid for this review but Ginger & Jardine kindly sent me the roll neck for my honest opinions. To keep up to date with Ginger & Jardine be sure to follow them on facebook and instagram or if you want to browse their entire range head over to their website where you can apply my discount code farrierswife at the checkout to get 15% off until the end of April.

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