Types of horsey mum

Whether you are part of a pony club, go to shows or even on a livery yard where there are ponies and children there will be several different types of horsey mum. You have probably encountered them all or are even one of them yourself! Read on to find out…

The pushy one. They’ve “done” horses all their lives, it’s in their blood and WILL be in their offsprings blood too! From the moment the child can sit up they are plonked on a pony whether they like it or not! They are at every pony camp, rally and event come rain or shine. Easy to spot as they are usually quite vocal and “riding” every round with their child from the sidelines.

The reluctant one. They have been around horses for a long time but aren’t really too bothered about whether the child wants to ride or not (which of course they do!) They are very laid back about it all and spend minimal amounts of ponies and kit as they know they only get more and more expensive as the years go on!

The clueless one. Isn’t horsey in the slightest but their child is absolutely pony mad so they are trying their best, learning as they go. Hasn’t a clue how to tack up a pony, can just about lead them about and is always left mucking out but does it all to see the smile on their little ones face.

The flashy one. Has all the newest bits of kit going, a string of ponies worth a small fortune and the luxury of a groom! They rock up to every show in a lorry with a pop out side and always look glamorous not that we are jealous in the slightest! haha

The organised one. Has the whole year ahead planned out in meticulous detail, which ponies and children are doing, where and when, with back up plans too! At shows they have every eventuality covered with spares. If you need to know or borrow anything they are your go to person. They usually have great homemade treats with them too, best to make friends with this sort or at least have their phone number handy!

The nervous one. The child and pony are quite capable but they are always watching from behind whatever they can hide behind and breathes a sigh of relief at the end of every round. Dreads it when the child asks to move up a height class.

So, which ones have you got in your pony club or yard? Or which one do you think you are? I know which one I am!


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