Review of the Renapur leather balsam

I received a Renapur leather balsam in one of my subscription boxes from Forelock and Fringe last year. I had always seen their stand at various country shows and horse trials. You’ve probably seen them too, the one where they offer to clean your boots. However, I have never stopped to “try them out” so I was interested to see how well it worked when it was in one of my subscription boxes.

It turns out it works very well indeed! My friend Jen and her husband are currently in the process up renovating/rebuilding an old house and in one of the outbuildings were some very old neglected saddles. So I thought this is the perfect opportunity to give the Renapur a proper test!

Some very neglected saddles

As you can see they are covered in mould, dust and dirt and have not had any attention for quite some time! So the first step was to get some warm soapy water and a toothbrush and give them a through scrub, followed by a wipe over with a sponge to get any soap suds and remaining grime off and let them dry completely.

Scrub a dub
Wipe off suds and any remaining grime

Once the saddles were completely dry I could apply the leather balsam. Which says on the box that it “cleans, nourishes and protects leather“, just what these saddles needed. As I was applying the balsam I could tell how nourishing the product was, it really felt like it was “feeding” the leather and it smelt really nice too. And the great thing about the balsam is a little goes a very long way, always a winner in my eyes.

The finished result!

I think you can agree that the difference in the before and after photos is incredible! When I showed Jen the finished result she couldn’t believe they were the same saddles. The saddles are now in storage ready for the girls and their ponies, (when we eventually get round to tackling that!) So if you have any old musty, mouldy tack lying around don’t write it off, get yourself some Renapur leather balsam and breathe new life into it!

It also works wonders on boots, a super quick wipe over with it and it looks like you have spent ages cleaning and polishing! I definitely don’t have time for that and its great to know my boots are being cared for at the same time. So I highly recommend Renapur and I will be repurchasing when this pot runs out.

Our riding boots that have had a super quick wipe over.

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