10 gifts for the horsey lady in your life.

If you have an equestrian in your life then this post is for you. With Christmas creeping up on us I have a few present ideas for you if you were struggling of what to buy. These items are in this guide because I love the look of all of these products and I know I would use them lots!

  • Dirty Days waterproofs perfect to pop over your “nice clothes” if you are nipping to the yard before heading out elsewhere, or over show/hunting gear to keep clean until you are ready to get on. Also fab for clipping in, no pesky hairs sticking to you!
  • Saddle bag/pocket Stylish and practical. The ideal place to pop your phone, keys, snacks etc when you are out hacking/hunting without fear of them falling out of your pocket.
  • Macwet gloves I’ve heard rave reviews about these gloves from several people. Super grippy even in the wettest of days.
  • Bumbleberry gin which is the combination of three traditional British berries – Blackberry, Bilberry, Sloeberry. Sounds like the ideal saddle flask filler to me, perfect jumping juice!
  • Cherry roller stock pin I have swooned over the cherry roller stock pin from Hiho since they launched it, who doesn’t need a gorgeous stock pin in their kit.
  • Ascot bit belt Perfect for with your breeches or out and about away from the horses.
  • Bamboo travel cup whether its tea, coffee or hot chocolate that’s your go to drink this cup is perfect for keeping your drink warm and the lid will protect it from hay/straw/dust whilst mucking out.
  • Socks sticking with the bamboo, these super soft socks from Ginger & Jardine with a cushioned sole are perfect for those who are on their feet for the majority of the day.
  • Hunting whip now this isn’t just your everyday hunt whip, it has a secret! The shaft of the whip you can fill with your favourite tipple! Perfect for when you are out hunting and need a little bit of jumping juice.
  • Fedora I have been eyeing up a fedora for some time now, and these ones from Feather & Fluff country look fabulous. Perfect for whether you are attending the races, a country show, horse trials or wherever else you fancy wearing it.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for gift buying. I know I would be thrilled if I received any of these and that they would get used a lot.

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