What I have learnt from lockdown.

How is lockdown going for you? Hope it hasn’t been too stressful and you have managed to navigate your way through somehow. To be honest, I have completely lost track of the amount of lockdown weeks we have had and sometimes I don’t even know what day of the week it is! But over the period of lockdown i’m sure everyone has had some moments of reflection so I thought I would put together a few things I have learnt from lockdown.

  1. I’m so much happier when the sun shines.
  2. The human race can be brilliant and horrendous at the same time.
  3. I can run regularly when I put my mind to it.
  4. Homeschooling is hard! To have the patience to deal with an emotionally charged 6 year old who “can’t do maths” (she can, she just finds it trickier than English) whilst trying to keep a wild 4 year old quiet is a tough gig.
  5. I could spend hours watching nature.
  6. I enjoy gardening, something I didn’t really do pre lockdown.
  7. I need some alone time each day otherwise I can get very grumpy.
  8. My children are CONSTANTLY hungry!
  9. I really like being creative, something I want to continue to do more of.
  10. I enjoy baking, especially a lemon drizzle cake.
  11. My husband and I really do make a great team, we have put in new bannisters whilst on lockdown.
  12. Good friends are worth their weight in gold.
  13. I like a routine, I feel so much better with one.
  14. My children have very different personalities.
  15. Amazon Prime is great but a dangerous thing, especially “buy with one click!”

What have you learnt so far from this lockdown period? I would love to hear, pop them in the comments below.

Much Love


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