Thoughts on a hunting day from an over thinker!

Now I love going hunting I really do but sometimes I wonder how I even get to the meet, I’m such an over thinker!

Wake up “Whats the weather like? Oh its raining, shall I not bother? ground won’t be good for their legs/too slippy/i’ve got a bit of a snotty nose it will only make it worse, there is always another day.”

Get up “no, stop being silly just go it’ll be fun, you’ll like it when you are there” “can’t eat breakfast, feel sick”

On way to yard “have I got everything? I think i’ve forgotten something, i’m sure I have. Well as long as I have my hip flask I’m ok.”

Getting ready and Tacking up “Seriously, why have you used your poo as a pillow?!” “I should have cleaned this tack better, people will notice it isn’t clean” “those plaits look shit, i’m going to re do them” *Muttering under breath to horse “please be good today, don’t be a tit! Don’t be too strong” “Where’s my stock pin?”

In lorry on way to meet “I hope they don’t jump too big today” “It’s ok I don’t have to jump if I don’t want to, i’ll buddy up with a non jumper…that’s if I can hold him back!” “I wonder if it will be busy today” “I don’t have to stay out long do I? the meet will be fine.”

I was shitting myself going to this meet! The mare reared none stop at the meet, fun times.

Hacking to the meet “Fuck, he’s strong already” “When did this wind pick up?” “I hope we have a good canter at the start” “Please stand nicely at the meet” all whilst waving, smiling and saying good morning to everyone, with the standard “He knows what’s coming!!”

At the meet ” WHERES THE PORT?!?! he’s standing nicely, this is my chance” “Where are the non jumpers?!” “Thats a kicker, steer clear” “oooh sausages!!” “Don’t copy that horse, he is not setting a good example”

Moving off “seriously where are the non jumpers?!” “shall I just go home now?!” “lets move to the back of the field a bit we are NOT thrusters!” “Ok we will go with it, what’s the worst that could happen?” “Should have shortened my stirrups” “that kicker is near me again!” “I’ll just do these fields then peel off home.”

Getting going “actually this is ok, he settling” “nope, scratch that I was wrong, my arms ache!!” “DON’T LOCK ON TO THATS IT’S NOT A JUMP!” “is it too early to open the hip flask?” “Shit, that’s a big rail!!” “Home time?!” “there’s that red ribbon again” “Oh it’s ok, top rail has been knocked off!” “We did it, that was fun!” “I’m doing ok” “We can do this!” (that’s the hip flask talking)

I know, i’m so stylish!

Mid way through day “Seriously, why does this red ribbon keep finding me?!” “Should have packed 2 hip flasks” “How am I at the front of the field again?” “MARS BAR TIME!!” “Home time?!” “Horse is actually now being good, probably because it’s knackered, i’m knackered” “There a photographer, brave pants on, kick on, don’t look a tit” “Home time?! now is a good time to peel off, yes, end on a good note!”

Hacking back to lorry “Is this the right way?!” “You can stop jogging now we are going home” “seriously give my arms a break” “I’m starving, mmm chicken casserole for dinner” “I’m sure the lorry is down here somewhere…”

On way home “that was fun, he was good” “when can we get out next?”

Home and washing off/untacking “you’re a good boy really, you just love it, just wish you’d give my arms a break” “I don’t know if I will be able to walk tomorrow” “love this horse” “can’t wait to see if anyone got any photos of us” … “hope i’m not pulling any weird faces!!”

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