Shopping inspiration – pony mad little girls

I asked over on my Instagram account whether you guys would want a separate blog post for shopping inspiration for pony mad little girls and it was an overwhelming yes!! So here are just a few of the many pony related gifts out there that I think any pony mad little girl would like. As always items... Continue Reading →

Shopping inspiration – the girls

I'm back with another blog from the shopping inspiration series and this time it's for the girls. I love looking for presents for Freya as it brings me right back to when I was a little girl and I would have all the Christmas catalogues from various shops and circle the bits I loved (my... Continue Reading →

Catch up

So last week I didn't really get up to too much, we had a playdate with Freya's best friend Issy, they came round to our house and we did some baking and iced cakes. Always a messy job when two toddlers are involved. They bloody love playing together and its so nice to see them... Continue Reading →

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