New year, new horse?!

Happy new year!! Sorry I’ve been quiet for the past few weeks Christmas and New was lovely. We spent lots of time with family and friends and Freya turned 4!! However I’m back now with exciting news (you may have already seen if you follow me on Instagram). I have been without my own horse for just over a year now and as many people who know me I have been desperate to buy one for myself again. The plan was for me to get one once Freya starts school in September but I think my husband has had enough of me talking (moaning) about it and has caved early! I’m so lucky that I do have the chance to ride other people’s horses but after having your own it’s never quite the same, so now the time has come to start the search for my own!!! I am so excited, if you can’t tell haha. However, this new horse has some big horseshoes to fill. I’ve been very lucky over the years to have been able to ride so many different horses, of all shapes and sizes, but this has also made me very picky when it comes to me buying one of my own.

In all my years with horses I have actually never bought my own. Lucky, my pony that I sadly lost in October 2016, I acquired after he was on loan to someone at the yard my mum keeps her horses at and they wanted to give him up, the owner didn’t want to have him back so she basically gave him to me. I didn’t even buy Conker, he is actually Ben’s pony that he bought for a set of shoes. So buying my own one is both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, I want it to be right as the one I buy I want to have for a very long time, well that’s the plan!

What am I looking for?! Basically the perfect pony, of course who doesn’t want that? Joking aside, I am on the look out for an all-rounder, something I can do a bit of everything with from happy hacking and pleasure rides to hunting and maybe the odd team chase!! I’m only 5ft 2 (and a bit) so I’m not after anything too big, the ideal height would be 15.2hh but I could go bigger or smaller if the horse was right. However one that would fit all my rugs and tack would be absolutely ideal! And I have to say I’m a gelding sort of person. I have only ever ridden one mare that I would want for myself and that was because she acted more like a gelding. Mares and their moods I can not be dealing with.

So now you can find me most evenings scrolling through Horse Quest, Horsemart and the various horse groups on Facebook seeing what is out there. But I am a true believer in two sayings, “everything happens for a reason” and “you don’t find your horse, your horse finds you.” Hopefully the right one will find me! I will keep you all posted.

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