Happy new September!

September, where have you been?! I’ve been waiting for you for what seems like a very long time. Don’t get me wrong I love my children to bits and spending time with them and I know I am very lucky that I’m able to be a “stay at home mum” but the last few weeks have felt long. You know that feeling when you’ve spent too much time with a certain person, I’m feeling that. I’ve been reading a lot of posts on social media recently by parents about how sad they are that their children are starting or going back to school. It got me thinking, am I the only one that is truly glad when they go back? I mean, I really can’t wait and I won’t miss them for those 6 hours a day. Am I being selfish? Am I a bad parent? But then I spoke to a few other horsey mums and it seems we are all the same. We all countdown to the start of the new school term like it is the countdown to Christmas or new year!!

New school year, new me, new horsey goals! We’ve had 6 weeks to think about what we want to achieve with our horses, how we are going to do it and now we finally have some childfree time to put that into practice. We now have time to actually book lessons, competitions or even just go out hacking and enjoy spending time with them. All the frustrations of not being able to get on and do it are suddenly lifted as you have actual daylight hours to ride. You aren’t exhausted from being with children all day and managing to squeeze a ride in after bedtime. The constant demands of snacks, refereeing arguments (wrestling matches) and trying to think of things to do to entertain the little cherubs all day are all gone! Sweet relief, until that is, they are back from school and it all starts again.

And if you are feeling a little down that your child is starting school and you will miss them. Don’t be sad, be proud! Be proud that you’ve brought up that tiny little newborn for the last 4 years and have done a fabulous job. Those long, long nights when they wouldn’t sleep, the endless feeds, the colic, the reflex, the teething, oh my god the teething!!! You did it all and now it is time for their next very exciting chapter in their lives. Be excited for them, to hear what they got up to in school, who they played with, what they learnt, who they sat next to at lunchtime. Admittedly they will either tell you they can’t remember what they did or that they did nothing every single day! (eye rolls).

And just think, you can go home or to the yard or shopping or wherever you want and have some much earned peace and quiet!

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